It will emulate the CPU to do the work of the graphics card , there by enabling old pc users to play latest games on their pc. You can try these settings in this picture friend. You can check the above comments for the settings of web of shadows. Try freeing up used apps from memory and try running it again. But going for these outdated cards are not a good idea these days. Hi amal i have intel core 2 multi core processor its a gamer choice processor and i have 3gb ram but no graphics card friend.

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Else it wont work. But its not guaranteed that it will work.

R mb mercury motherboard pnmcp73v basic graphic card. Now you need to extract the files to a folder by running the file you have just downloaded. Normally all games are being run at full screen mode in windows 7. When i start pop two thrones, i am getting mercury motherboard pnmcp73v complete mothrrboard screen with the audio at background…I tried swift shader too….

pnmc7p3v I am not sure what exactly are the settings for the game, you need to find it out, its mercury motherboard pnmcp73v. After installing it open game and minimize it, now open the speed gear and click the target button and choose the gta IV and scroll the bar to meercury end and minimize it dont close it and play gta IV thus game runs faster i hope this may work for you.

You can get a mercury motherboard pnmcp73v good one for around rs Dude sorry by mistake i copied the whole page Just check system requirements.

He is mercury motherboard pnmcp73v able to play Nfs carbon though his system satisfies the minimum requirements.

Please tell me the setting. But for two thrones the graphics demand is more, so the 2 GHZ processor might not suffice.

Then try running the game again. Sorry shaurya, i dont know exactly what are the settings.

Its mercury motherboard pnmcp73v just check the above comments. But its better to upgrade the graphics card as it is more worth to spend some money to get a powerful graphics card if you are a serious gamer. Is there something like a cache mercury motherboard pnmcp73v which i should delete to do as if it was my first use of the emulation?? It might work correctly.

How to RUN/Play Latest Games without a Graphics Card

Is there any way to solve this problem? I live in a mercury motherboard pnmcp73v city in eastern up and checked the market but there were no graphic card for my motherboard. Yes games like call of duty 4 might have mercury motherboard pnmcp73v with 3d analyzer. How to play spider man web of shadows in 3D Analyze please hlp me!!! The mother boards can cost around — Thats how i usually find the settings in 3d analyzer.

Downloading method for games is different for mercury motherboard pnmcp73v sites. After your suggestion of buying a new graphic card, i thought on it. Else you need much more powerful processor. D so can i get solution for my problem? Yes you have the system requirements for running shrek 3.

Intel Pentium Dual Core E 2. Its the best out there. Its requirements are low. Also try ugrading the graphics drivers. Try using the settings given in mercury motherboard pnmcp73v picture.