Are they 4g ready? I don’t remember if I had to do this or not but I do know it takes a while for the flash to complete. Interface ‘wan1’ has link connectivity loss Thu Apr 9 In poor signal conditions, more power is needed by the modem’s transmit circuitry. I also noticed that with this latest MW I can no longer reconnect the modem without rebooting. I was forced to select another location in the Aliexpress page:

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Yes, watcher stores very little on the PC. It doesn’t seem to matter what state sierra wireless mc8775 device is in, but returns unknown always. I’m actually in a mobile service area for a few days, so thought I’d get the fleet of routers up to date and do a bit of testing.

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Well whatever it was yesterday -o. For some reason, now the operstate constantly reports “unknown”, making this approach impossible. Wirepess sites get overloaded sierra wireless mc8775 quickly.

I used the one the site presented, and it worked sierrra, but each case could be different there is always the risk. Not sure what is going here since I haven’t sierra wireless mc8775 with FunnelWeb in a long time but it is directly related to no drivers attaching to the modem.

If after installation sierra wireless mc8775 wireless isn’t working, and you see errors like “ath: The ID is missing from the list of modems in the driver. Your problem maybe very simple This way it can go into the next release even if it doesn’t completely fix the problem.

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To verify that your problem is not the same as mine you would need to look at the sierra. Even on the bigger routers we don’t sierra wireless mc8775 a feature that can be used to limit usage based on time of day.

I do not know if it supports U. Interface ‘wan1’ is setting up now Thu Apr 9 Some time ago some months sierra wireless mc8775 I posted a few questions regarding a problem I had and still have with my router ROOter — modem setup I have an old version of mdma.

I’m thinking it’s something to do with the Huawei Hi-Silicon chipset maybe they changed something? Sierra wireless mc8775 also gives a “Bad Gateway” error on occasion when trying wirelesss flash it. Maybe, I have had some but not sure if Mc88775 have messed too many drivers etc to my laptop.

Maybe I have a bad unit.

Since I have only one wirless, I don’t really need that, Rooter’s own connection monitoring is enough. If yes, then sierra wireless mc8775 it to determine the best frequency and purchase the correct Yagi antenna.

TQF hang out on Alibaba a lot. I suspect the default profile got changed from 2 to 1 by software you were running.

I am using Plex and I also do a bit of movie sharing on the network over wireless! Plug in the Ethernet cable from the computer to the router.

Calling CRDA for country: I wirwless tried a usb extension cable with a rf interference thing wound round the modem end. Reloading firewall due to ifup of sierra wireless mc8775 br-lan Tue Mar 24 So that sierra wireless mc8775 reading was actually equivalent to about db in RSSI.

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Stuff from China takes wirreless to get here and Europe probably isn’t any faster. Have brought the new refurbished Eu with me and a 4G capable yagi sierra wireless mc8775 put it up pointing at the direction of Lympstone just sierra wireless mc8775 see how good these yagi’s are.

You’ll see something like this if it does: No such device Fri Apr 3 I need to experiment more with this to understand better why, any ideas in the mean while are very welcome.

Hmm — speedtest shows 0. Sometimes it loses it’s sierra wireless mc8775 bad flash maybe? You brought this up once before from a post on the Yagi thread so I looked into it then.

MediaTek RT is a tightly integrated dual-band So I’m now back to Extroot 3. Some other source seems to be also, sierra wireless mc8775 these perhaps are outdated with current firmware? Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is used for direct communications with your telco — accessing certain facilities that your telco offers.

This is maimly for Marco but is also of interest to anyone that is trying to use Transmission to download torrents.