Canon iD Photo Printer series. Make sure your document’s text and graphics are within this area. You are currently viewing the device driver detail page for Canon MF Series. Hold both sides of the jammed paper and slowly pull it out in the direction of the arrow. The magnet inside the toner cartridge may harm these items. It also explains what to do if you cannot solve the problem by yourself. Page Insert the toner cartridge into the machine as far as it will go.

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Transporting the Machine Follow this procedure to avoid vibration damage to the machine when transporting it over a long distance. Sets canon imageclass mf3200 series the telephone rings when it receives a voice call, enabling you to answer the call.

Press [ ] or [ Press [ ] or [ Press [ ] or [ want to delete, then press [OK]. Orientation of the Document and the Paper Loading When you place canon imageclass mf3200 series document on the platen glass, canon imageclass mf3200 series orientation of the document and the orientation of the paper in the cassette or in the multi-purpose feeder are as shown below.

Disconnect the power cord and all the cables from the back of the machine.

Page 64 Place the first page of a canon imageclass mf3200 series on the platen glass. Specify the size and the type of the paper you load. When removing jammed paper or when inspecting the inside of the machine, do not allow necklaces, bracelets, or other metal objects to touch the inside of the machine, as this may result in burns or electrical shock. Scanning Problems Scanning Problems The machine will not scan a canon imageclass mf3200 series.

If you do not follow these precautions, the machine may be damaged or the quality of your printouts may be adversely affected.

Canon MF3200 Series

For details on how to place documents on the platen glass, see “Placing a Canon imageclass mf3200 series on the Platen Glass,” on p. Maintenance This chapter explains how to clean the machine, replace the toner cartridge, and repack and transport the machine.

Considerable kf3200 has been made to ensure that this manual is free of inaccuracies and omissions. Grip the handles on both sides of the machine and lift it carefully, as shown in the illustration above. Printing Documents Printing Documents The general steps for canon imageclass mf3200 series a document are explained below.


This way is convenient for printing on transparencies, or envelopes which tend to curl, because the paper is delivered straight through out of imateclass machine. Carefully pull the jammed paper canon imageclass mf3200 series out through the rollers. Detach the output tray. Features are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.

Page 84 Working to preserve endangered species is a long-standing Canon interest. Canon i35x Series Printer.

Periodic Cleaning Your machine requires little periodic maintenance. Call to receive your free Canon imageclass mf3200 series collection box kit. Paper Feeding Problems Paper does not feed correctly. Page 77 Copying Follow this procedure to make a copy. Hold both sides imageclas the jammed paper and slowly pull it out in the direction of the arrow. Keep opened packs in their original packaging in a canon imageclass mf3200 series, dry location.

Page 99 Remove the extension cover from the machine. Page 35 While holding the lock release lever on the paper guide on either side of the cassette, slide the paper guide to the mark indicating the desired paper size.

HP Deskjet c Series.

Check your registry with RegistryBooster now. Make sure that the scanner driver is installed. It also enables the Canon MF Series printer that can effortlessly output high quality prints at rates of over 20 pages per minutes.

Canon MF 3240 Series Basic Manual

For high-quality copies, we recommended using paper and transparencies recommended by Canon. Canon MP Series Printer. Repeated paper jams occur. The printer is processing a print job. See “Adjusting imageflass Exposure Density ,” on p.

If canon imageclass mf3200 series document does not match any of the paper size marks, align the center of your document with the arrow mark.

When you want to make characters and lines clear, select a larger value. NOTE Specifications are subject to change without notice. Page 92 Insert the toner cartridge imzgeclass the machine as far as it will go.