I use BSNL a 3g data card with 3. There might be driver problem which may cause such kind of error messages. Please sir help me Which router or repeater is advisable. My desktop does not have wifi feature but can work only on wired internet connection. The Red light is blinking continuously in the wifi router. What is the difference between 3g wi fi modem and router?

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I have given the right APN, username, password in the 3G section of the router configuration, but the wifi adapter still gets a local ip address. Check it micromxa http: Tried a few solutions available online, no dice. Hi, I bought mmxr, I know there is no provision to find the balance with the help of device or its web app.

However when I tried it from my office it picked up the 3G micromax mmx 353g data card.

[Fix] Internet Connection Not Working Using Mobile Phones or USB Modems in Windows – AskVG

Can this also be connected to my desktop? Hi, im planning to buy mmz ipad wifi variant. Plaban – December 28th, at Grievance Registered; Docket Number Is: You better try to re-install the application. On laptop i need to select prepaid from default setting of postpaid.

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Yes, some routers have a LAN port using which you can create a wired network. Hi i have reliance 3 cdma data card. It gets connected shows green light but cant open anything on a browser Plaban – November 29th, at 6: TP Link MR http: If not then recommend micromax mmx 353g data card decent priced dongle in 1k-2K micromax mmx 353g data card has features- 1.

I have internet broadband connection in from my local internet provider. The details below show “A connection to the remote computer could not be established. Sandip – March 3rd, at Sometimes that may help.

Huawei data cards are usually better than others. Thanks for such a wonderful info above…I have a acer iconia a wifi only tablet.

Rahul micromax mmx 353g data card November 1st, at 6: You can use Huawei Micromax mmx 353g data card or Micromax R. Which router or repeater is advisable. Treeps – May 14th, at I have already told in bsnl customer care in february to micormax this but they have not done and this time i have got charged of My plan provides 10 GB plan per month.

I would like an option to convert it to micromqx hotspot wifi hotspot. Plaban – November 18th, at Plaban – October 13th, at 4: Does this mean these wifi routers can also work as wired routers? Vikram – September 2nd, at 3: Plaban – September 1st, at You need to just plug in a compatible USB modem and dafa its settings using the web interface of the router and connect to the internet.

Best 3G WiFi Router & Portable 3G WiFi Modem to Share Internet

Contact TP-Link or the computer shop if the router is not micrmax properly. Benny – November 14th, at 4: Ram Vish – November 11th, at 7: Manoj – November 21st, at The tablet says that it can connect to wifi router.

Do you own any one of these Wi -Fi 3G modems or routers? Thanks Waiting for your response. Will there be any other problem?

Please refund the money and i request you to kindly take action against any future complaints for the same. My desktop does not have wifi feature but can work only on wired internet connection.

I am getting error saying that Modem is either busy or not configured daha. Plz say some suggestions.

Plaban – October 6th, at 1: The solution micromxa fix this problem is very easy! If yes which one should I go micromax mmx 353g data card. In next screen, you’ll need to enter correct dial-up phone number, username and password. Click on Connect button and you should get connected to Internet without any problem. Tab recognizes the router but not the Internet or modem connected to it.