Thanks for the info… I put the info up on my other laptop,,,, and looked at your guide step by step,,,. Remove four screws securing the top cover assembly. Is the power supply replaceable on a laptop? Hi Rick, Not sure about the step First was the monitor display ,later the hard drive ,and finally the mother board. Operating system not found.

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Try removing memory modules and test the laptop with only one presario v6500 installed. Instead of replacing just presario v6500 DC jack which requires soldering I suggest replacing the entire DC prdsario board. The power board connected to the motherboard via a cable shown on the step We presario v6500 it may have left a piece inside the power adapter jack.

ANy ideas on what might be causing this?

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I have left one screw! Are both connections required to power the board or is only one presario v6500 pdesario one on the left required. To clean fan I remove fan completely!

Drain the battery completely dead with the WiFi switch in the ON position. Then a watt infra-red heat light was positioned about two inches above the board on the opposite side of the GPU chip, and run for a little over an hour. Connection of presario v6500 monitor to either the VGA or S-Video ports results in erratic operation of both the laptop and external display.

I watched the YouTube video on the GPU that got so presario v6500 it came unsoldered, however, I noticed he had lights but no screen. You presario v6500 try reinstalling the sound driver. Hello everyone, I would like to presario v6500 that your guide for the presario f was very good.

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Presario v6500 an update on my previous post presario v6500 problems with my daughters Compaq Presario cus, I finally was able to fully remove the back, [2 screws under the keyboard] I still was unable to determine why it will not start up with a working power supply? Presario v6500 takes a beaten and keeps on jamming Am running Ubuntu Also i have seen used parts on ebay, is it worth buying or not? I have a problem with my V, since cleaning the fan following the disassembly method, the battery is undetected in the laptop.

It gave me the confidence to work on grandsons laptop. Evidence indicates the problem is the GPU chip overheats long, hi-demand video display due to inadequate cooling in that area and it de-solders a connection. Yes, both connectors are similar. If there is no physical switch, most likely this model has a magnetic switch hidden somewhere inside the laptop.

Removed hard drive and tried to power on also with presario v6500 luck. I had to load Vista on it, but it had the same problem with the wi-fi card. Did the screen burn out? I had a friend suggest it might be a fuse on the motherboard?

Enter the BIOS setup menu and run test on the hard drive. Then a new battery. Presario v6500 mikes post and the link to the nvidia GPU problems presario v6500 fits the symptoms to a tee. Pull them through a hole in the motherboard. Maybe the drive is not making good contact with the motherboard.

Maybe there is a short somewhere inside presario v6500 video harness. Try doing that without laptop disassembly. When it is not recognized it still acts like it is reading the drive.

Is the power supply replaceable on a laptop? All you need is the USB sound card.

Lift up the presario v6500 and place it upside down on the palm rest. The service manual has disassembly instructions and shows where v6050 go. I stripped it down, de-dusted it presario v6500 then reassembled it and now it works.

New AC adapter, new battery and still same issue? After reinstalling them, everything worked great. What could I wrong during assembly?

The power button did not call the routine to turn off or restart the computer with Ubuntu presario v6500 but since disconnecting this pad it works as advertised.