Raja John January 3, at 3: CMD also vanishing after a sec. Hi, I just got a 64MB flash drive about a week ago. But i cannot format, as because I need the documents in it. Thanks for publishing this tutorial! I am very much thankful for this helpful post.

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I followed or at least tried your instructions, and I got the following msg when hitting P to list files on primary partition found after quick search: I see my 1tb drive e: I tried everything you said and on the internet. I deleted that pool space and when my drive came back on transcend jf v30 16gb was empty. Is there any new methods to recover the write protect for the pendrive?

Hi, thanks for your transcend jf v30 16gb. Followed instructions got to Quick Test and several partitions showed. Sir, u tell about remove write protection.

I have a problem with my external hard drive, when I try to open it its say I must format it before I can open it. Dear Tranwcend, I have pendrive when i connect transcend jf v30 16gb my pc its saying in device manager Unknown Device.

A mistake can cause the data to become irretrievable. Thank you so much!!

Format memory card with Panasonic SD Format tool. My problem solve finally just becos the button.

AlcorMP (090227) AU698X, AU3150X

Transcend jf v30 16gb 16yb i throught my pendrive never repairs and used some many tools to recover my pen drive. Thanks, your first suggestion transccend even without restarting the PC. Right click on your portable transcend jf v30 16gb and click change drive letter and paths Uts very nice. Anonymous August 10, at 1: Is this typical for a corrupted drive? Both scans did not work. You need to take it to a data recovery lab that has the proper equipment for dealing with a drive in the condition that yours is in.

USB pen drive detected but doesn’t show up in My Computer

I used Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery to recover some of my files to my laptop and before reading more articles I clicked the Windows default message to format the external hard drive. Anyway, is there a way to force chkdsk consider this partition as ntsf or to recalculate the MFT? I followed transcend jf v30 16gb instruction to the letter. Somebody please help me out.

You can boot into Linux with a free LiveCD and see if the drive shows up. Sorry for the inconvenience, I found one small chip near to a led light: I have done all of the above procedure which you suggest. Unknown May 8, at 1: I have a pendrive with 8 gb. transcend jf v30 16gb

So I’m wondering if it is still technically possible to retrieve the files even after the MP tools reset having known that the reset have formatted the flash memory. Thank you very much for solving my problem. That is an transcend jf v30 16gb huge drive and TestDisk must look at every sector on it so it takes a looooong time to try this method on a drive transcend jf v30 16gb large. Click on full format 6: Thank You once again.

usb drive not detected | pen drive not detected | pen drive problem | drive letter

Neither any one can format. Any clues — How to fix this problem Regards Kulbhushan.

Hey dude, You are the MAN. I used so many things, I tried recuva to try to get back transcwnd data, but recuva doest recognize my external hard drive. I changed the drive letter, but transcend jf v30 16gb still did not work. As it stands now all of my current flash drives are “removable media” and bootit failed to flip the removable bit on any of them.