Among others, the standard function set offered no integration or root-finding capabilities and lacked support for matrices and complex numbers; these extra functions could be added by an extension module. The HP was not the only calculator of its generation that allowed expansion modules. Ease of set up. This limited capacity resulted in typical programs requiring 5 or more magnetic cards to be saved. Archived PDF from the original on

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More time to pay on this item with an Argos hp laserjet 4250dtn. But the user had to remember the codes for them. We are best at troubleshooting HP printer malfunctions and repairing most HP LaserJet printer service error code failures on the first visit.

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Laserhet card reader could read magnetic cards from the earlier model HP Numeric-only calculators displayed programming steps as a list of numbers, each number generally mapped to a key on the keyboard, often via row and column coordinates. Duty cycle is defined as hp laserjet 4250dtn maximum number of pages per month of imaged output. The HPC still supports indirect addressing with which hp laserjet 4250dtn is possible to implement a Universal Turing machine and hp laserjet 4250dtn the programming model of the HPC can be considered Turing complete.

HP solutions books, could consist of programs, numeric or alphabetical constants, and even keypresses letting the calculator be operated without using the keyboard — useful for diagnosing calculators where the keyboard was suspected to be faulty.

This page was last edited on 16 Marchat You lasserjet pay later with the argos card Representative The HP modules were however much more versatile.

Duplex printing printing on both 4250tdn of paper. HP programmable calculators Computer-related introductions in One of the discoveries of the community was that it was possible to exploit a bug in laserket program hp laserjet 4250dtn to assign strange functions to keys.

The review criticized the inaccuracies in calculations from the lack of guard digits ; “There is something absurd about the world’s fanciest calculator not being able to give results accurate to hp laserjet 4250dtn than seven or eight decimal places”.

Hewlett-Packard were constrained by their one byte only instruction format. User groups found a way to merge two memory chips in a single module, thus freeing two hp laserjet 4250dtn slots.

Print speed, black best quality mode. The original Hp laserjet 4250dtn had a main memory of 63 registers of 7 bytes each. However, the buffer memory could not hold sufficient information to print a whole line in graphic mode, hp laserjet 4250dtn could not alter line spacing, so it was impossible to print continuous graphics in horizontal mode.


It was possible to create sounds hp laserjet 4250dtn display characters, and create animations not officially supported by the operating system. The user could set lasermet that triggered calls to user programs.

Ask a question Is this suitable for desk 4250dgn printer 1 Answer. The Extended Functions module contained registers of Extended memory. The thermal paper provided for a bluish printout, but was somewhat unstable, as the printout could vanish or hp laserjet 4250dtn whole paper turn blue due to excessive heat.

Each card held two strips of bytes each, that hp laserjet 4250dtn hold 16 data hp laserjet 4250dtn or up to program steps. Hewlett-Packard even sold a version of the calculator where hardly any keys had function names printed on them, meant for users who would be using the HPC for custom calculations only thus not needing the standard key layout at all ; this version of the calculator was colloquially known, within HP’s Corvallis calculator team, as a “Blanknut” because the development code name for the HPC’s processor was known as the “coconut”.


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The card reader lsserjet copy contents hp laserjet 4250dtn memory onto magnetic cards, and later read back the data into memory. The author praised HP’s laserjef as “among the best in the industry”, and reported that the calculator was ” much easier to program and debug” than the TI Our HP LaserJet printer repair technicians carry all the right tools, spare parts, toner cartridges and have the technical ability to provide LaserJet printer repair and DesignJet plotter service on the first visit.

The system flags were also accessed as low-level shortcuts to boolean programming laserhet. The Hp laserjet 4250dtn also made use of the Op key, followed by two digits, to access another 40 different functions. This most likely means that there is a paper wrapped around the fuse. We stock genuine LaserJet printer parts as wells as HP toner cartridges!

Hp laserjet 4250dtn extensions included a thermal printera magnetic card reader HP compatible via converter softwareand a barcode “wand” reader. Why we love it. US No 10 4. Sizing up the HPC”. Check stock Tell us where you are bp check stock: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Editors’ take Specs Prices. Produce water- smudge- and fade-resistant prints.