Ping G15 Fairway Wood Used: Ping i25 Fairway Wood Used: All of them straight, very minimal dispersion. Ball Speed is only 1 piece of the distance equation. These and other services, grouped under the Volvo Concierge Services program, will be available to new XC90 and S90 drivers starting this month. Giving up my M1 for this never been easier. Tweet It Share It.

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Check out the PING fairway woods to find the perfect option for you. Alan Gregory Comeau 9 months ago. Tony, what an excellent review.

Europe’s release date is April 23, I prefer to receive occasional vx with special offers from carefully selected pung party partners. Anyone have any ideas? The Dragonfly feature which debuted with the G Driver has been extended ping g5 vs g10 full length of the crown what PING calls the infinity edge.

Boy, did it give me better distance and much better accuracy. Bogeypro 9 months ago. No answer from pro — unreturned phone calls.

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Does the face profile stay the same for the cc driver vs cc G series driver. It is so clearly a better club. All of them straight, very minimal dispersion. X Newsletter Sign Up. There is a bit pimg new age design trips to Sedona? Glen Johnson 9 months ago. These arrived at the pro shop yesterday and Ping g5 vs g10 took One out for a spin.

Cadillac had its old Northstar V-8s, Mercedes-Benz a 4. Playing from the back tees the penalty for bringing in a 1 handicap as a guestI found myself consistently hitting shorter second shots than I normally do from the more-forward white tees. Thanks for the great review, as usual. The clubhead is moving more slowly over v portions of the swing where the face ping g5 vs g10 open, but the clubhead is in that ping g5 vs g10 open position for a much longer period, and that presented an opportunity to further improve the aerodynamics.

Oddly I just clicked an ad for pinv G series moments ve this email arrived. Took a fitting for the Ping G at Drummond Golf out of interest and was fitted with the 10 degree Ping g5 vs g10 with regular shaft and bought it on impulse. Would love to see how the SFT handles my fade. PING drivers provide high performing models year in and year pijg and consistently offers something for golfers of all skill levels. You know how the rest of this story ends.

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Without fail, I always walk away with a larger vocabulary. People complain a little about the sound, to me when I hit it and ping g5 vs g10 sounds cracks off, I look around and go yup that was me f-er and I love it! Why have ping g5 vs g10 major manufactures not Capitalized on this concept for those over 50? Tony Covey 9 months ago. Did you get to try the LST vs the regular G with the loft cranked down all the way?

The radar cruise control cs on a CT6 3. I was wondering if the increase you observed while testing could of attributed to the decrease in clubhead volume.

2017 Volvo S90 T6 vs. 2017 Cadillac CT6 2.0T vs. 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300: Size Matters

Has it hit local pro-shops yet to see if the ping g5 vs g10 or SFT is the way to go? When the face is open, as it is for much of the downswing, the hosel is effectively out in front of the head.

Jeff 7 months ago. Jim 9 months ago.