In addition there is the Presto! Probably could have been improved with some minor tweaking of the settings. This is a software for the conversion of such raw scans into normal pictures. Installation and starting The installation of the Plustek OpticFilm and the provided software works problem-free: These scanning times are however anyway only a rough reference value. Movies Learn more about all SilverFast highlights and advantages.

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Plustek OpticFilm Film Scanner 35 mm If you opticfilm 7300 want to scan 35mm negatives or slides but don’t want to pay Nikon prices, then the is for you.

Equipment, accessories and technical data of the film scanner The Plustek OpticFilm differs outwardly only by another housing colour now white instead of grey from the Plustek OpticFilmand the equipment also corresponds to that of the OpticFilm with exception of the provided software.

Supported Operating Systems Supported Features. The dust and scratch removal tool iSRD is especially helpful. Thus please regard these results only as a reference value, but not as purchasing criteria. Compare with similar items. Opticfilm 7300 on 23 November In the shipment of the Plustek OpticFilm a opticfilm 7300 holder for the scanning opticfilm 7300 framed 35mm slides is included.

There is no batch mode, since the scanner does not have an opticfilm 7300 transportation for the holder. With further scans I received now and then the error message that the scanner was not ready – like with the OpticFilm What do Opticfilm 7300 users say about SilverFast?

Plustek OpticFilm film scanner – Pocket-lint

For the opticfilm 7300 of 35mm negative or positive strips a film strip holder is included in the regular shipping of the scanner. Personally I use Photoshop Opticfilm 7300 and Picasa for these functions, you of course may find them useful.

I have found it just possible to scan Instamatic negatives but these are not really catered for. Perhaps a software update will solve the problem one day. The resolution test will show whether the effective resolution comes nearer to this extremely high value than it is the case with the OpticFilmwhich effectively achieves just dpi.

So it can happen e. I did scan many hundreds of transparencies using my flatbed prior to buying the Plustec and I may be re-doing some of those in due course before setting to work on my extensive collection of negatives. About this product Opticfilm 7300 Information The Plustek OpticFilma dedicated dpi film scanner, now brings you a more powerful scanning device with its added Multi-Exposure for negative film and also the Multi-Sampling functions brings out the best quality on photos and images at the most affordable price.

The machine itself is equally well made and easily up to the job, opticfilm 7300 the price and the fact it is a dedicated film scanner means that those with broader scanning requirement might be tempted by some opticfilm 7300 the very good flatbed or All-in-One scanner opticfilm 7300 available.

Plustek OpticFilm Scanner | Photography Blog

opticfilm 7300 One must scan each slide individually and also individually name the file. There are clearly better film strip holders available.

HP Opticfilm 7300 Flow Scanner. This slide holder was now a little bit modified – the in the old holder openly accessible clamping springs are opticfilm 7300 protected by covers. See questions and answers.

Linden i – L. Resurrect your old 35mm slides and store opticfilm 7300 images digitally with this. These are 73300 automatically averaged out to produce the final high-quality scan.

OpticFilm 7300

Kpticfilm can be reconstructed also with the OpticFilm opticfilm 7300, by scanning an astro-slide, where almost the whole picture is dark and is lightened opticfilm 7300 by some stars. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. After activating it by entering the serial number, opticfilm 7300 is on a sticker opticfilm 7300 the CD cover, we can start. After a short period of getting familiar, the software is easy to use and the scanner provides very acceptable image quality.

SilverFast is well known as a professional scanning software with nearly innumerable possibilities; but a beginner can also obtain very good results after some training with this powerful software.

Test report Plustek film scanner OpticFilm 7300

Early in August Plustek placed with opticfilm 7300 film scanner OpticFilm a modified version of the Plustek OpticFilm on the market. I found that the scanner struggled with the dark slides but coped much better with the light ones.

This function decreases the picture noise particularly in dark picture portions, by scanning the opticfilm 7300 several times, and with this ophicfilm can substract randomly developed picture noise.