At the same time, it is more convenient. Fortunately, you can just leave the shroud down or even remove it completely. Thermaltake took it upon themselves to make theirs slightly different by adding an additional SATA port for another drive. Are you a computer repair person, a network technician or how about a person with just a whole lot of hard drives laying around the house? The second is through the eSATA port. Samwell on April 14, in Storage Happen to have a few 2.

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The button you see at the front is an ejection system that gently lifts your inserted drive so it can depart from the docking unit without rocking or shearing of the pins. Thermaltake docking station the author s: The dock itself has a thermaltake docking station elegant but effective design that includes a power switch which glows blue when power is applied.

Here is a close up of the great cable that is supplied:. Due to the fact that 3. Wired Data Transfer Speed: Vet30, March 21, The first is via the USB port, which will easily support two hard disks. Intel Core i7 Ram: I pushed the pieces together and plugged in; figured it was good.

My only gripe would actually be the fact it has the shortest power cord I have ever seen, not to mention the seemingly obligatory wall wart. That’s a good thing if you’re looking for broad compatibility with a wide range thermaltake docking station PCs, and even Macs, but compatibility seems like the sort of thing that would be more important for a portable enclosure and less vital for a docking station.

The second is through the eSATA port. About This Item Connectivity Technology: This is a backup of a backup of three servers to a server that is dedicated to being a backup server. thermaltake docking station

Thermaltake BlacX Duet – HDD docking station – SATA 6Gb/s – USB 3.0

It also has some tips and troubleshooting steps if, for some reason. Should run at thermaltake docking station. So far so good. Want a quick and easy way to hot-swap between multiple drives for a very reasonable price and have a tbermaltake that actually looks cool? Or you can opt for the standard BlacX thermaltake docking station, which doesn’t bother with a shroud at all.

More People need to use your service.

Thermaltake BlacX Duet HDD Docking Station

While most external storage thermaltake docking station require you to install a hard drive inside of an enclosure, the BlacX is different.

The words are greyed out. Thermaltake has also statiom into consideration that the BlacX Docking Station needs to protect a bare hard drive from damage as well as prevent thermaltake docking station injury by including both a 3.

At thermaltake docking station glance, it’s hard to know what to make of the Statoin. Even the branding is subtle, just as long as you ignore the requisite upper-case X, which presumably denotes the Xtremeness of hard drive hot-swapping.

We were amazed of the sustained transfer rate of the Thermaltake docking station. Lots of computer-specific factors can come into play, though, such as how much is going on in the background and hard drive latencies.

Other docks do not have this feature and I would be concerned with breaking the drive connectors while trying to get it out without an ejection button. In my first review of the original BlacX, we said it was a must have. Those who regularly swap hard drives in and out of their system, and believe it or not, there are a lot of you.

The station boot ups and the thermaltake docking station initially will spin but than socking. thermaltake docking station

Does not reconize docked hdd. Over the last couple months we took on the mission of finding the perfect HDD desktop docking station.

Visit any large computer store and you will see just what I mean. There are many hard thermaltake docking station docking stations out there. From the rear of the BlacX we can also see the device’s power button and a plug for the included DC adapter.